Bernal, Diego
Ph.D 2002, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Univ. CA, San Diego
Physiology of high performance fishes, shark biology
Office: Res 116 (508-999-8307), Res 115 (508-999-8216)
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Bromage, Erin 
Ph.D. 2004, James Cook Univ., Australia
Comparative Immunology
Office: SENG 327B (508-999-8218)
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Connor, Richard C.Ph.D. 1990, University of Michigan
Evolution of social interactions, marine mammal biology
Office: Res 215 (508-999-8221)
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Drew, Robert E.
Ph.D. 2006, Washington State University
Genomics and quantitative genetics, domestication of fish
Office: SENG 330B (508-999-8950)
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Hable, Whitney E. (Graduate Program Director)
Ph.D. 1996, University of Arizona
Plant/algal biology, developmental and marine biology
Office: Res 205B (508-999-8206)
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Kavanagh, Kathryn D.
Ph.D. James Cook University, Australia, 1998
Postdoctoral work: Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology, University of Helsinki, Harvard Medical School
Evolutionary developmental biology, vertebrate embryology
Office: SENG 332 (508-999-8248)
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Koop, Jennifer
Ph.D. University of Utah
Host-parasite interactions, evolution, parasitology
Office: SENG 328A (508-910-6903)
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Kozak, Genny
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Office: SENG 335A (508-999-9149)
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Moisander, Pia H.
Ph.D. 2002, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Marine microbiology, microbial ecology
Office: SENG 330B (508-999-8222)
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O'Connor, Nancy.
Ph.D. 1990  North Carolina State Univeristy
Invertebrate ecology & non-native marine species
Office: SENG 336A (508-999-8217)
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Oliveira, Kenneth (Department Chair)
Ph.D. 1994, University of Rhode Island
Fish biology, life history strategies and age & growth of fishes, Pre-med/pre-vet advisor
Office: SENG 335 (508-999-8227), SENG 318B (508-999-9683)
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Rajaniemi, Tara K.
Ph.D. 2001, University of Michigan
Plant community ecology, plant competition and species diversity
Office: Res 205A (508-999-8223)
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Sheriff, Michael
Ph.D. University of British Columbia
How ecological interactions alter behavior
Office: SENG 330B (508-999-XXXX)
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Silby, Mark W.
Ph.D. 2002, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Bacterial genetics and genomics, environmental microbiology
Office: SENG 335 (508-999-8364)
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Turner, Jefferson T.
Ph.D. 1977, Texas A&M University
Biological oceanography, marine plankton, biogeography
Office: Res 202 (508-999-8229), SMAST (508-910-6332)
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Full-Time Lecturers: 

Laxer, Marc A.
Ph.D. Full-Time Lecturer
Anatomy and physiology, parasitology, Pre-med/pre-vet advisor
Office: SENG 334A (508-910-6877)
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Ladino, Cynthia
Ph.D. Full-Time Lecturer
Medical microbiology, cell biology and biochemistry
Office: SENG 333 (508-999-8017)
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Ventetuolo, Alan
D.C., M.ED., CHES, DABCI Full-Time Lecturer
Medical microbiology, anatomy and physiology, Pre-med/pre-vet advisor
Office: SENG 334B (508-910-6876)
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Winslow, Ben
Ph.D. Wesleyan University, 2011 Full-time Lecturer
Developmental Biology
Office: SENG 320 (508-999-8803)
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Professor Emeritus

Griffith, Robert W.
Ph.D. 1972, Yale University
Marine vertebrate physiology, origin of vertebrates, Pre-med/pre-vet advisor