Benjamin Winslow


Faculty photo - Ben WinslowBenjamin Winslow

Full-Time Lecturer
Ph.D. 2011, Wesleyan University
Morphological Evolution
Phone: 508-999-8803 
Office: Science and Engineering Building, Room 320






My research explores the developmental mechanisms of morphological evolution.  I combine molecular techniques with methods from classic embryology to address how parts of the vertebrate skeleton acquire their particular shapes.  I have recently been using the toes of birds as a model to address how joints and cartilage interact during development to establish the relative size of each skeletal element.



 Recent Publications | Courses




  • Shared rules of development predict patterns of evolution in vertebrate segmentation.  Young, N. M., Winslow, B., Takkellapata, S., Kavanagh, K.  2015.  Nature Communications 6, 6690.
  • Developmental Bias in the Evolution of Phalanges.  Kavanagh, K.D., Shoval, O., Winslow, B.B., Alon, U., Leary, B.P., Kan, A., and Tabin, C.J., 2013.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110(45): 18190-18195.
  • Atypical molecular profile for joint development in the avian costal joint. Winslow, B., Burke, A. 2010. Developmental Dynamics. Oct: 239(10): 2547-57.
  • Global patterning of the vertebrate mesoderm. Winslow, B., Takimoto-Kimura R., Burke A. 2007. Developmental Dynamics. Sep; 236(9): 2371-81


Courses Dr. Winslow Include:

  • Biology of Organisms I (BIO121)
  • Biology of Organisms II (BIO122)
  • Biology of Organisms Laboratory I (BIO131)
  • Biology of Organisms Laboratory II (BIO132)
  • General Biology I (BIO101)
  • General Biology II (BIO 102)
  • Molecular Biology (BIO427/527)


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