Yvonne Coursey


Yvonne Coursey

Half-Time Lecturer

Ph.D. University of South Florida, 2003.

Email: ycoursey@umassd.edu
Phone: 508-999-8208 
Office: Science and Engineering, Room 321A

Dr. Coursey's research interests include invertebrate biology and immunology. All invertebrates possess blood cells that function in an immunological manner based on a self versus non-self reaction. The mechanisms of a variety of these blood cells are not fully understood, nor are their non-cellular based protein mechanisms. In addition, how their immune systems formed through the animals develop is not fully known. In many species, the tissue origin of blood cell development is still undocumented. 




Courses Dr. Coursey has taught include:

  • Biology of Cells Recitation (BIO 234R)
  • Biology of Cells Laboratory (BIO 244)
  • Biology of Populations Laboratory (BIO 211)
  • Topics in Biology-Marine Biology (BIO 103)
  • Biology of Organism Laboratory (BIO 131)
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