Faculty Research


All of our graduate students are engaged in original research under the supervision of one of our 14 faculty. ‌The Department of Biology offers two graduate degrees leading to the Master of Science degree in Biology or the Master of Science Degree in Marine Biology.  Additionally, our faculty supervise students in three interdiciplinary Ph.D. programs; Marine Science,  Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, and Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Biology Research Faculty

Diego Bernal dbernal@umassd.edu 508.999.8307 Res 116
Erin Bromage ebromage@umassd.edu 508.999.8218 SENG 327
Vanni Bucci vbucci@umassd.edu 508.999.8219 SENG 335A
Richard Connor rconnor@umassd.edu 508.999.8221 Res 215
Robert Drew rdrew@umassd.edu 508.999.8950 SENG 330B
Whitney Hable whable@umassd.edu 508.999.8206 Res 205B
Kathryn Kavanagh kkavanagh@umassd.edu 508.999.8248 SENG 332
Jennifer Koop jkoop@umassd.edu 508.910.6903 SENG 328A
Pia Moisander pmoisander@umassd.edu 508.999.8222 SENG 330B
Nancy O'Connor noconnor@umassd.edu 508.999.8217 SENG 336A
Kenneth Oliveira koliveira@umassd.edu 508.999.8227 Res 106
Tara Rajaniemi trajaniemi@umassd.edu 508.999.8223 Res 205A
Mark Silby msilby@umassd.edu 508.999.8364 SENG 335
Jefferson Turner jturner@umassd.edu 508.999.8229 res 202