Microbiology & Immunology Research


The Microbiology & Immunology Research Area is especially strong in training students. Student research covers a wide range microbiological and Immunological topics, including ones of medical interest, ecological relevance, and prokaryotic diversity.

Microbiology & Immunology Biology Research Faculty

Diego Bernal dbernal@umassd.edu 508.999.8307 Res 116
Erin Bromage ebromage@umassd.edu 508.999.8218 SENG 327
Vanni Bucci vbucci@umassd.edu 508.999.8219 SENG 335A
Richard Connor rconnor@umassd.edu 508.999.8221 Res 215
Robert Drew rdrew@umassd.edu 508.999.8950 SENG 330B
Whitney Hable whable@umassd.edu 508.999.8206 Res 205B
Kathryn Kavanagh kkavanagh@umassd.edu 508.999.8248 SENG 332
Jennifer Koop jkoop@umassd.edu 508.910.6903 SENG 328A
Pia Moisander pmoisander@umassd.edu 508.999.8222 SENG 330B
Nancy O'Connor noconnor@umassd.edu 508.999.8217 SENG 336A
Kenneth Oliveira koliveira@umassd.edu 508.999.8227 Res 106
Tara Rajaniemi trajaniemi@umassd.edu 508.999.8223 Res 205A
Mark Silby msilby@umassd.edu 508.999.8364 SENG 335
Jefferson Turner jturner@umassd.edu 508.999.8229 res 202