Student Advisement

Each year we prepare a list of student advisors. Normally biology majors are assigned an advisor during their freshman year and students stay with the same advisor for the duration of their studies. However, students may change advisors if they so choose.

Change of Advisor Form (Forms are also available in the Biology Department office, SENG 321)

Students need to meet with their advisor at least once a semester.  During the advising appointment the student and advisor will discuss the student’s progress toward meeting degree requirements, career plans, and courses to be selected for the coming semester.  At that time the advisor will lift the student’s advising hold.

2010-2011 Student Advisor Assignments


Class of 2016 Seniors (SR)
Last Name / Professor
Class of 2017 Juniors (JR)
Last Name / Professor
Class of 2018 Sophomores (SO)
Last Name / Professor 
 Class of 2019 Freshman (FR)
Last Name / Professor
  A - C / Oliveira  A - C / O'Connor  A - D / Bucci  A - C / Connor
  D - K / Silby  D - K / Bernal  E - K / Drew  D - K / Bromage
  L - P /  Rajaniemi  L - P / Turner  L - P / Hable  L - P / Moisander
  Q - Z / Ladino  Q - Z / Ventetuolo  Q - Z / Kavanagh  Q - Z / Winslow