Undergraduate Programs in Biology


Studying in the department of biology is an excellent choice as you begin your path toward medical or dental school. Our required classes meet most medical and dental pre-requisites, and success in our upper-level classes gets you ready for the challenges of your professional program.

As a Freshman and Sophomore student with an interest in one of the health professions, you will receive expert advice from your academic advisor. This will include advice in choosing classes, and guidance in non-academic activities that will help you prepare to apply for the program of your choice.

The Biology department offers focused advising to qualified Junior and Senior students as they prepare to apply for medical and dental school. At this point, you will be assigned a pre-health advisor with whom you will work to plan for your application, and who will eventually write you a letter to support your application. If you plan to apply to another health-related program (e.g. physician’s assistant, pharmacy, nurse practitioner) you will continue working toward this goal with your academic advisor.

Timeline (Med, Dent, Vet):

Freshman year - Fall

Meet with your academic advisor
Begin planning your degree
Begin your pre-health activities
Join the UMass Dartmouth pre-health society
Register with the University Pre-Health Advising Director

Freshman year – Spring

Continue with your pre-health activities
Discuss eligibility for UMass Med Baccalaureate MD Pathway Program (Med only)

Sophomore year - Fall

Meet with your academic advisor
Continue your pre-health activities
Consider applying for UMass Med Baccalaureate MD Pathway Program (Med only) 

Sophomore year – Spring

Apply for specialized pre-health advising in the Dept of Biology
Continue your pre-health activities
Consider enrichment activities for the summer (e.g. research, full-time volunteering)

Junior year

Meet with your assigned pre-health advisor
Plan to take your MCAT/DAT/ before Senior year
Arrange your recommendation letters
Decide upon your preferred schools
Complete your application materials
Interview with pre-health committee (late in the semester, or during summer)

Senior year – Fall (or preceding summer)