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B.A. 1971; A.M. 1974; Ph.D. 1977, Clark University

Inorganic chemistry: transition metal chemistry, magnetic resonance, software development for chemistry education, chemistry education web site development

Representative Publications

Last summer I offered (for the seventh time) a UMD Online chemistry course, Chemistry 101, General Chemistry, a 1-semester introductory course for non-science majors.

I have complete two versions of a new online course, "Intrduction to Excel with Applications in Math, Statistics and Chemistry".

The pictures below were taken on our trip to Russia in June of 2001. The statue of Dmitri Mendeleev located in front of the university building in St. Petersburg where he did his work. The periodic table appears on the wall of the adjacent building. We assume that it is as it existed at around the time of his death.

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