Research Facilities

Ground broken for major UMass Dartmouth research facility

Laboratory space:

biochem faculty ram laboratory

Approximately 3,000 sq. ft lab space in Violette Research Building: Rooms 103 (520 sq.ft, including a walk- in cold room), 207 (660 sq. ft), 208 (326 sq.ft), 206 (504 sq. ft) and 209 (863 sq. ft).


Sorvall OTD-B5 ultracentrifuge, Sorvall RC-5 refrigerated centrifuge, Hoeffer Isoelectric focusing unit, Bio-Rad mini electrophoresis along with electroblotting accessory, Constant temperature Incubator, Beckman Model 5801 Scintillation counter, -100 oC deep freezer, autoclaves, Beckman HPLC system, top pan electronic balance, VMAX microtiter plate reader  (Molecular Devices), MAXline microtiter plate washer, Labconco freeze dryer, Fisher model 300 sonicator, VWR model 1810 IR CO2 incubator, Biological hood (Forma Scientific), Amicon PC 800 dialyzer/protein concentrator, Eldex universal fraction collector, Spectra/Chrom CF-1 fraction collectors (two).

biochem faculty ram general
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  • Lab-Line incubator-shaker
  • JASCO J-715 circular dichroism spectropolarimeter.
  • ISS K2 Phase/Modulation Lifetime spectrofluorimeter
  • SLM 48000c  Spectrofluorimeter
  • Uvikon 9410 UV/VIS spectrophotometer
  • JASCO model V-550 UV/Vis spectrophotometer
  • ITTI Image Analysis system complete with video camera and workstation and laser printer.
  • Kodak Gellogic complete with video camera and workstation and laser printer.
  • Two Phast System Electrophoresis and Developing unit (Pharmacia Biotech)
  • FT-IR Model 8210 (Nicolet Instruments) with attached ATR Zn-selenide crystal and a workstation.
  • FT-IR Model M-2000 (Midac Corp.) with modified cell compartment for protein analysis, along with a workstation
  • An optical fiber-based biosensor has been recently acquired from Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C. for
  • studying protein-protein interactions
  • Dan-Kar high voltage power supply and Jordan Scientific DNA sequencer
  • HPLC system (Waters Corp.) with UV/Vis dual wavelength detector, Model 515 pumps and Millennium 32 operation software
  • HPLC system (Waters Corp.) with Model 9996 photodiode array detector, Model 515 pumps and Millennium 32 operation software
  • Quanta 4000 Caillary Electrophoresis system (Waters Corp) connected for computer-operated analysis by Millennium 32 operation software
  • Isothermal titration calorimeter (Calorimetric Sciences Model 4201) along with workstation and accessory software

Computing faclility:

The lab is equiped with 22 state-of-art IBM and 2 Macintosh computer. All computer and printers are upto date and allows to work on graphics and latest scientific programms. Spectra Max M5, (Molecular Devices), Fluorescent, UV/VIS multiformat plate reader and work station.