Manke Research Lab


The Manke group is a synthetic inorganic chemistry lab that focuses on the synthesis of solid materials for separations and discreet transition metal complexes for small molecule activation.

Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

A major project in our lab produces porous materials that possess open Lewis base sites. These moieties present points of adsorption. Modifying the nature and basicity of these sites can be used to tune selectivity and the energy of regeneration for the separation of gases and other small molecules.


Covalent Metal-Organic Networks (CMONs)

A relatively unexplored subset of MOFs are covalent metal-organic networks, which possess significantly stronger metal-liner interactions than the ionic bonds present in conventional MOFs. These networks should possess greater thermal stability and provide have many potential applications.


Small Molecule Activation

Our lab is exploring a variety of polyfunctional ligands to study interesting coordination chemistry with long term goal of enacting useful and catalytic small molecule activations.

Small Molecule Activation