Representative Publications

Shuowei Cai

Assistant Professor

Selected peer-reviewed publications (since 1998).

1. Cai S., Singh, B. R. (2004) A Distinct Utility of Amide III Infrared Band for Secondary Structure Estimation of Aqueous Protein Solutions Using Partial Least Square Methods, Biochemistry , 43 , 2541-2549.

2. Poirier, M. A. , Li, H., Macosko, J., Cai, S., Amzel, M., and Ross, C. A. (2002) Huntingtin Spheroids and Protofibrils as Precursors in Polyglutamine Fibrilization, J. Biol. Chem ., 277 , 41032-41037.

3. Cai, S., Singh, B. R. (2001) Role of the Disulfide Cleavage Induced Molten Globule State of Type A Botulinum Neurotoxin in Its Endopeptidase Activity, Biochemistry, 40, 15327-15333

4. Cai, S., Singh, B. R. (2001) A Correlation between Differential Structural Features and the Degree of Endopeptidase Activity of Type A Botulinum Neurotoxin in Aqueous Solution, Biochemistry; 40, 4693-4702..

5. Cai, S., Singh, B. R. (1999) Identification of beta-turn and random coil amide III infrared bands for secondary structure estimation of proteins , Biophys. Chem. 80, 7-20.

6. Cai, S., Sarkar, H. K., Singh, B. R. (1999) Enhancement of the endopeptidase activity of botulinum neurotoxin by its associated proteins and dithiothreitol, Biochemistry, 38 , 6903-6910 .

7. Fu, F. N., Lomneth, R. B., Cai, S., Singh, B. R. (1998) Role of zinc in the structure and toxic activity of botulinum neurotoxin., Biochemistry, 37 , 5267-5278