Recent Publications

Timothy C. K. Su

Chancellor Professor

Research interests

Dr. Su's principal research interest involves experimental and theoretical studies of ion-molecule reactions. Ion-molecule reactions are important in many areas including radiation chemistry, photochemistry, flames, discharges, atmosphere chemistry, planetary, stellar and interstellar systems. Experimental aspect includes the measurements of reaction rate constants at various temperatures and relative translational energies. This provides an estimation of the effect of translational energy and interanl energies on the reaction dynamics. A tandem mass spectrometer is used for this study. Theoretical development includes the calculation of reaction rate constants, complex lifetimes, product energy distributions, isotope effects and the effects of translational, rotational and vibrational energies on the interaction dynamics.

Dr. Su is also engaged in research in the chemistry of fuel additives which may enhance fule stability and performance. This study involves the use of mass spectrometry, IR, UV/VIS and NMR spectroscopy and other analytical techniques.

Other new research projects are being explored in this laboratory including surface modifications by ion beams, the study of pesticides, and the syntheses and studies of potential antiviral and antitumor compositions.

Recent Publications

A CAD and computational investigation of doubly and singly charged DMSO complexes of Cu2+, D. Vukomonovic, J. A. Stone and T. Su, J, Cann Chem. 83, 1921 (2005).

The formation and collisionally activated dissociation of gas-phase singly and doubly charged Mg/DMSO complexes. John A. Stone, Timothy Su and Dragic Vukomanovic, Int, J. Mass Spec., 216, 219 (2002).

Classical theories of the ion/linear quadrupole capture, J. Turulski, J. Niedzielski, T. Su, B. Pezler, Int, J. Mass Spec., 216, 115 (2002).

Simple capture collision model for cation-anion reactions in the gas phase, Jan Turulski, Jan Niedzielski and Timothy Su, Chemical Physics, 264 (2), 197 (2001).

Momentum Transfer Rate Constants for Collision of Cl- with Trans-Dichloroethylene and Para-Difluorobenzene, S. Hosseine and T. Su, Iran J. Chem. & Chem Eng., 18, 40 (1999).

The Significance of Copper Complex Thermal Stability in the Use of Metal Deactivators at Elevated Temperatures, R.E. Morris, M.T. Hasan, T.C.K. Su, M.A. Wechter, N. H. Turner and J. A. S. Schreifels, Energy and Fuel, 12, 371 (1998).

Trajectory Studies of SN2 Nucleophilic Substitution. 7. F- + CH3Cl --> FCH3 + Cl-, T. Su, H. Wang and W. L. Hase, J. Phys. Chem. A. 102, 9819 (1998)

Effect of Induced Dipole-Induced Dipole Potential and the Size of Colliding Particles on Ion-Quadrupolar Molecule Collision Rate Constants, S. Hosseine and T. Su, Iran J. Chem. & Chem Eng., 17, 42 (1998).