Recent Publications

William L. Dills, Jr.

Professor of Chemistry

Recent Publications:

High Pressure Liquid Chromatographic Study of the Glyoxalate:2-Ketoglutarate Carboligase Reaction, W.L. Dills, P. Chen, B.M. Baillargeon and C.L. Westgate, Biochem. Arch., 1999, 15, 279-284.

Changes in Saccharide Content of Cranberries During the Growth Season, W.L. Dills, N. Marrier, K. Santos, L.B. Fortier and D. McGowan 1998 Cranberry Research Compilation, , June 1999, 10, 319-322.

Assay, Purification and Properties of Bovine Liver D-Xylulokinase, W.L. Dills, P.D. Parsons, C.L. Westgate and N.J.A. Komplin, Protein Expression and Purification, 1994, 5, 259.

Science Reading Chemistry Courses for Nonscience Majors, W.L. Dills, T.W. O'Sullivan and Neto, C.C., FASEB J., 1994, 8, A1325.

Protein Fructosylation: Fructose and the Maillard Reaction, W.L. Dills, Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 1993, 58(suppl.), 779S.

Nutritional and Physiological Consequences of Tumor Glycolysis, W.L. Dills, Parasitology, 1993, 107(suppl.), S177.

Practical Personal Approaches to Enhancing Science Education in Local Schools, W.L. Dills and J.A. Golen, FASEB J., 1993, 7, A1057.

High Pressure Liquid Chromatographic Method for the Measurement of Glyoxalate: 2- ketoglutarate Carboligase Activity, W.L. Dills and P. Chen, FASEB J., 1993, 7, A1068.

Metabolism, W.L. Dills, in Starch Hydrolysis Products, Worldwide Production, Technology and Applications, F.W. Schenck and R.E. Hebeda, Eds. VCH Publishers, New York, 1992, pp. 395-416.

Absorption, Excretion and Tissue Distribution of 1-[3H]-2,5-Anhydro-D-mannitol in Female Wistar Rats, W.L. Dills, J. Murphy-Kothe and J. Klinger, Biochem. Arch., 1992, 8, 69.

Activity of Bovine Brain Aldose Reductase towards Disaccharides and Glyoxalate, W.L. Dills, M.R.M. Pavlik, M.J. Garant and P.R.G. Collins, Biochem. Arch., 1992, 8, 161.

Differential Effects of Hexose Analogs on the Rat Walker Tumor in Vivo and in Vitro, W.L. Dills and E.F.J. Block, Biochem. Arch., 1992, 8, 221.

The Great Wintergreen Candy Experiment, W.L. Dills, Science Scope, 1992, 16, 24.

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