Helpful Videos

Below are videos aimed at helping you understand the requirements for the programs offered by the Department of Public Policy. Come back often as additional videos will be added over time.

Welcome to the Program from Dr. Anguelov

Dr. Anguelov gives an overview of the purposes and goals of our programs in the Department of Public Policy.


Getting Through the MPP Program

Watch this video to understand the general requirements of the Master of Public Policy (MPP) Program, or read more on the MPP page.

Overview of the Online Course Environment

This video provides an overview of the online environment one generally experiences in courses offered by the Department of Public Policy. Learn more about online programs at UMass Dartmouth.


Environmental Policy Graduate Certificate Overview

This video provides information about the graduate certificate program in environmental policy. Learn more on the environmental policy page.



Understanding the Internship Requirement

The internship requirement of the MPP program is explained in the following video. Read more about the internship requirement.



MPP Portfolio Tutorial

This video tutorial explains how students in the Master of Public Policy (MPP) program can develop their electronic portfolios online. Get more information about the portfolio requirement