Lum-Bih Tashi: a political science alumna and activist

Political science alumna works at the Union of Minority Neighborhoods as a project administrator and dedicates time to young kids and teens.

By: Leesa Prescod

Lum-Bih Tashi, a passionate and intelligent woman from Haverhill, Massachusetts, graduated from UMass Dartmouth with a political science degree in 2016. Her degree and the skills she learned from it helped her snag her most recent position as a project administrator for the Union of Minority Neighborhoods. “A political science degree is very diverse,” she said. “You can apply it to what you’re passionate about, it’s versatile.”

Developing the next generation of activists

Working at the Union of Minority Neighborhoods, Tashi dedicates time to young kids and teens to try to ignite the activist inside of them. As a project administrator, Tashi loves her job, and she strives to make a difference. “I want to help break the boundaries of racism and classism,” Tashi said.

MASSPIRG internship helped prepare alumna for leadership

Before she graduated from UMass Dartmouth, Tashi interned at MassPIRG during her senior year. The experience at MASSPIRG prepared her for the work she wanted to do in the future. Tashi wanted to use her voice to make an impact on social issues, as well as use her leadership skills.

“At MASSPIRG, they help you get out of your comfort zone because talking to donors and participating in fundraisers isn’t easy,” Tashi said.

A college degree is a powerful tool

As a recent graduate, Tashi understands that figuring out what you want to do with your life can be very unsettling. But she also recognizes that her bachelor’s degree is a powerful tool that she can utilize to build a successful future. “It’s okay to be afraid,” she said. “But make sure you say ‘yes to every opportunity.”

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