FLL Department History

The Foreign Literature and Languages Department has been an integral part of the evolution of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Professors and full-time lecturers who have served the department over the years include Joseph Vinci, Wesley Panunzio, James Weeks, Antone Felix, Gregory Rocha, Maria Moreira, Lew Kamm, Mel Yoken, Eugene Masse, John Twomey, Maria Elisa Rocha, Giulio Massano, Deborah Lee, Suzanne Pelletier-Massano, Ida and Larry Washington, Joseph Bronstad, Christina Biron, Carlos Benavides, Michelle Cheyne, Stephanie O'Hara, and Xavier Echarri Mendoza.

Part-time lecturers who have enriched the Department with their dedication and enthusiasm include Jane Campbell, Karen Aruri Carnes, Dora Goncalves-Currey, Jorge DeAbreu, Noemia DeMelo, Daniel Ouellette, Michael Whitten, Fadia Youssef and Weihua Zhang.

The success of the language program at this University has been fostered by the continuing availability of the Foreign Language Lab, which opened its doors in the late 1960s under the direction of Robert Ouellette. The Language Lab is presently directed by Sandra Rivera.

The Department's first secretary, Dorothy Hanley, arrived in the late 1970s. Upon her death in 1981, Alcina Galego replaced her. Since that time, Alcina was an essential and steadfast component in the efficient and successful operation of the Department until 2012. In January 2012, Wendy Holmes became the new secretary.

While the University is growing and responding to the area's academic needs, the Foreign Literature and Languages Department continues to provide an integral component to a modern institution of higher education.


Foreign Languages Lab

The Foreign Language Lab media center is committed to promoting and facilitating the acquisition of language skills by providing services and assistance that will foster the development of communicative competency in a foreign langauge. The services the Language Lab offers are mainly focused, for now in one-on-one tutoring services, drop-in tutoring sessions and conversational group activities. The Lab is also opened for students to use various eqiupment to complete assignments and it also allows faculty members of the Foreign Literature and Language department and the Portuguese department to use the facuility for class instruction, presentational activities or any other activity tied to the coursed they are teaching.

The Foreign Language Lab is located in LARTS room 207 and 208.
The Language Lab schedule is the following:  

Monday- Thursday- 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Friday- 8:00 AM-4:00 PM

Questions may be directed to the Lab Director, Sandra Rivera at 508-999-8333.