Independent Studies/Internships

Independent study courses may be elected in the fall and winter terms. Undergraduates may only take an independent study course if the course-level prerequisites in the appropriate language have been completed. An independent study course is designed by you, the student, to investigate an area or field of specialization not normally covered in a regularly scheduled course offering by the department.

Instructions and Guidelines

Make a research proposal to a faculty member with whom you would like to take the independent study course.

You and the instructor should agree on course details, including the material to be covered; course format; sources to be used; and method of evaluation. Select the independent study course number appropriate to your level and needs.

Complete a proposal form. Return the completed proposal form, with the instructor's signature, to the department main office.

Once final approval has been obtained, you will be notified.

Please note: Faculty members are not required to direct independent studies and will normally limit the number of independent study courses they supervise per semester to one.

Students may only count one independent study toward the completion of their concentration or minor requirements. If your project requires two semesters of independent work, you are encouraged to consider applying for the honors program in your language.

All proposals need to articulate themselves in relation to the student's course of study in the concentration as a whole: in other words, how will this independent study build upon your previous coursework?

Any questions about this procedure should be directed to the instructor with whom you are working.