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  Marta del Pozo Ortea
  Assistant Professor of Spanish

  Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Amherst
  M.F.A. New York University
  M.A. University of Massachusetts Amherst
  B.A. University of Oviedo, Spain

  Phone:  508-999-8258
  Office:  Liberal Arts Building, Room 353

 Dr. del Pozo's work focuses on posthumanist and epistemologically-hybrid literary and visual pieces from Spain and Latin America that transcend dualisms such as arts / sciences, mind / matter, myth /logos. She also holds an M.F.A. in creative writing in Spanish from New York University. Her books of poems include Escuela de Geómetras and Hambre de imágenes. Her book Nigredo was the recipient of the 2018 Entreversos Iberoamerican Prize. She is also a literary translator and the founding editor at Quantum Prose, a publishing house interested in the growing synergies of a transdisciplinary worldview.




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