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  • How do I fulfill the language requirement?
  • I had 1/2/3/4 year(s) of French/Spanish/German in high school/ at another institution. How do I know which class to start with?

    • Take the placement test: in the portal (, click on "Student Resources," then click on "New Students." Under the "New Students" section, click on the placement testing link.

    • To determine appropriate placement in Arabic or Italian, contact the Foreign Literature and Languages Department Office at (508) 999-8332. To determine appropriate placement in Portuguese or Cape Verdean Creole, contact the Portuguese Department Office at (508) 910-6586.

  • Do you have tutoring?
  • What if I want to study abroad?
  • Why don't you offer Portuguese?
  • How do I declare a major or minor in French or Spanish?
  • How do I declare a concentration in French or Spanish within the Liberal Arts Major?
  • What kinds of jobs and careers possibilities are there?
  • How much studying will I have to do outside of class?
    • A good rule of thumb is to plan on at least two hours of studying outside of class per hour of class.