• I had 1/2/3/4 year(s) of French/Spanish in high school/ at another institution. How do I know which class to start with?
See our Enrollment and Placement page.

• How do I fulfill the language requirement?
See our College of Arts & Sciences Language Requirement page.

• Where can I get tutoring?
Free tutoring is available by appointment in the Foreign Language Multimedia Center, LARTS 207. Sign up on the board in LARTS 207.

• Why don't you offer Portuguese?
Portuguese is a separate department. See the Portuguese Department page.

• How do I know who my advisor is? When do I see him or her?
See the Advising page.

• How do I declare a major or minor in French or Spanish?
Fill out a Declaration of Major or Minor form, available outside the department office, LARTS 350, or at the Registrar's Office.

• How do I declare a concentration in French or Spanish within the Liberal Arts major?
Click here for the Liberal Arts Major Concentration Declaration Sheet. Fill it out & return it to Dr. Shari Evans in the English Dept. Dr. Evans is Director of the LAR Major. Email Dr. Evans.

• What kinds of jobs and careers is a major in French or Spanish good for?
See our Jobs and Careers page.

Will French or Spanish be offered in the summer and during the intersession?
Spanish and French courses are usually offered in the summer.

French courses are usually not offered during the intersession
Spanish courses are usually offered during the intersession.

• How much studying will I have to do outside of class?
A good rule of thumb is to plan on at least two hours of studying outside of class per hour of class.