Italian Studies

As a student studying Italian, “la bella lingua,” you will be taking part in one of the richest cultures in the world. You'll learn that the field of Italian Studies encompasses a wide range of related disciplines, and you'll study the language, history, and culture of one of the most influential cultural hotspots of the 21st century. 

Benefits of learning Italian at UMass Dartmouth

  • improved job opportunities
  • increased intellectual capacity
  • ability to communicate in Italian
  • immersion into the Italian culture
  • knowledge of language and culture's history
  • new connection with your heritage

Studying Italian satisfies the CAS language requirement

Students pursuing a BA degree in the College of Arts and Sciences can fulfill their language requirement by studying Italian. You can start at the 101 level, which is offered every fall, or you can take a placement exam if you have some experience with the language.


Italian Studies Events

In addition to university courses, UMass Dartmouth’s Italian Studies faculty holds a number of events throughout the academic year, bringing together professors and students to share their love of Italy and Italian culture. They also help to plan the College of Arts and Sciences Esposito event.

  • Italian Film Series (Fall and Spring)
  • Esposito Visiting Faculty Fellow (Spring)
  • Italian Studies Panel Discussion (Spring)
  • Italian Studies Field Trip (Fall and Spring)