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Arts Night

Arts Night is an annual event for the Department of Foreign Literature & Languages.  It is a talent show of sorts that shows off our students talents.  The twist is that all perfomances are related to foreign languages. 

Arts Night 2018 will be held in April. Please check back for the date so that you can join us for lively entertainment. 

To watch the performances of our students or view the programs please use the links below. 

       Arts Night Program 2016

       Art Night Videolink 2016


Arts Night Program 2015

Arts Night Video Link 2015

Arts Night 2014 Program

Arts Night Videolink 2014


Faculty Arts Night Program 2014

Faculty Arts Night Videolink 2014


Arts Night Program 2013

Arts Night Videolink 2013


Arts Night Program 2012

Arts Night Videolink 2012


     Pi Delta Phi (French Honor Society) Induction, May 8, 2014

Pi Delta Phi (French Honor Society) Induction. May 8, 2014. L to R, Front: Wec Jeannie Emmanuel (Inducted 2013), Valerie Boulet, Molly Hillis, Jesse Waidler, Edina Alexandre, Fabiola Antoine (Inducted 2012). L to R, Back: Jores Kenmoe, Marsha Lapointe (Inducted 2013), Jo Baes, Matt Litchfield

L to R, Front:  Wec Jeannie Emmanuel (Inducted 2013), Valerie Boulet, Molly Hillis, Jesse Waidler, Edina Alexandre, Fabiola Antoine (Inducted 2012).

L to R, Back:  Jores Kenmoe, Marsha Lapointe (Inducted 2013), Jo Baes, Matt Litchfield

 Fun News About our Faculty in a Spelling Bee!

Dartmouth Education Foundation Spelling Bee Champions 2016, Foreign Language Lovers

 Professors Arora Anupma (English), Stephanie O'Hara (French) and Rose Facchini (Italian) won the local Spelling Bee sponsored by the Dartmouth Education Foundation (DEF) an organization that supports local schools.  The spelling bee raised close to $20,000. 

Exciting News About our Faculty!

Dr. Michelle Cheyne in Paris France on sabbatical academic year 2013-2014.
Dr.  Michelle Cheyne, Associate Professor of French was on sabbatical in Paris, France for the academic year 2013-2014 doing research for a monograph on artistic ambition and 19th century French Theater.  She gave a public lecture on November 27, 2013 at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Parigi.  

Her talk, "Pixerécourt, le Federici des boulevards?  Du Giudice del proprio delitto au Coffre de few" is a part of the year long seminar, "Corps à coprs:  Récits de théâtre italien".  Dr. Cheyne was also invited to write the chapter on Balzac's Illusions perdues for the Cambridge Companion to Balzac edited by Owen Heathcote and Andrew Watts for Cambridge University Press. 

Past Events:

  • Italian Studies Annual Panel Discussions are held in the spring term.  Hosted by the Department of Foreign Literature & Languages and History.  Organized by Rose Facchini (Italian) and Matthew Sneider (History). 

  • Italian, German and Spanish films are held throughout the semesters.

  • To Be Heard Film Documentary~If you don't learn to write your own life story, someone else will write it for you.  Director and Producer of this award winning documentary, Amy Sultan, was present during the screening and led a Power Poetry workshop following the film. April 2016.  Organized by Dr. Marta del Pozo Ortea and Sponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences Dean's office.

  • The Language that moves the world:  propaganda and its techniques of persuasion.  A lecture (in Spanish) by Dr. Alberto Pena-Rodríguez, Associate Professor, University of Vigo (Spain), Nov. 19, 2013.  Organized by Dr. Carlos Benavides

  • Romance Language Pedagogy:  A strategy for leanring multiple Romance languages.  A lecture by Clorionda Donato, The George L. Graziadio Chair of Italian Studies and Professor of French & Italian.  Organized by the College of Arts & Sciences Dean's office.  

  •  "Forbidden Marriages: Love and Race in Early 19th-Century France." A lecture by Dr. Jennifer Heuer, History, University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Frederick Douglass Unity House, Nov. 2, 2012. Organized by Dr. Michelle Cheyne.

  •  "The Marketing of Swedish Crime Novels." A lecture by Dr. Louise Nilsson, Uppsala University (Sweden), April 26, 2012. Organized by Dr. Stephanie O'Hara.

  • UMD French major Yves Cajuste, president of The Institut Haïtiano-Americain de la Francophonie, presents a lecture by Dr. Samuel Pierre, speaking on "Construire une Haïti nouvelle.", March 17, 2012. Organized by Dr. Michelle Cheyne. 

  • Arts Night: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015
    Featuring students from the classes of Professors Biron, Carnes, Cheyne, Currey, DeAbreu, del Pozo, Facchini, Khachatryan, Lee, de Melo Benavides O'Hara, Vargas, Youssef & Zhang. Program: Songs, musical performances, poetry readings in Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish; Zumba & Salsa lessson.  Organized by Dr. Christina Biron.

  • French Club restarted in Fall 2013 and hosted a number of meetings, events and film night.   For information please contact:

    Ariel Eloi,
    President, UMassD French Club
    Class of 2018: Bioengineering