Learning Objectives for French & Spanish Majors, and for 100/200-level courses

The language program objectives of our department are based on the premise that students must be able to demonstrate increased proficiency in interpersonal, interpretive and presentational communication skills as well as growth in cultural, literary and interdisciplinary knowledge as they move through a sequence of study.

Learning Objectives for the Majors in French and Spanish

The language program is designed to help students achieve the following learning objectives:

  1. narrate in the past, in the target language
  2. compare and contrast ideas, in the target language
  3. analyze the aesthetic qualities of works of poetry, drama, fiction, and film, in the target language
  4. state, explain, and support ideas, emotions, and opinions, in the target language
  5. argue and persuade successfully, in the target language
  6. engage in interdisciplinary research, in the target language

Learning Objectives for 100 and 200-level language courses

First Year, First Semester
First Year, Second Semester
Second Year, First Semester
Second Year, Second Semester