First Year, First Semester

First Semester (101)

At the end of Stage 1 all students should be able to make progress in achieving the following outcomes, using select words, phrases and expressions in strings of sentences and simple paragraphs.

  1. Interpersonal Objectives: Interacting with others in order to, e.g.,
    • ask and answer questions
    • express likes and dislikes
    • exchange opinions
    • talk about people, places, experiences, and events
    • make simple requests
  2. Interpretive Objectives: Understanding the target language in, e.g., 
    • social interactions that students themselves can engage in
    • short authentic texts on familiar topics
    • oral presentations
  3. Presentational Objectives: Using academic language in the target language in 
    • giving rehearsed oral presentations with limited reliance on notes
    • writing essays/written products approaching 1 page in length
  4. Presentational Objectives: Using academic language in English to
    • report the results of interdisciplinary inquiry related to products or practices of the target culture using target language sources and websites
    • compare target culture to students' own culture orally and in writing