First Year, Second Semester

At the end of Stage II students will have conslidated their ability to perform all of the functions developed in Stage I. Additionally, they will be able to perform the following functions in organized format:

  1. Interpersonal Objectives: Interacting with others in order to, e.g.,
    • offer advice
    • express agreement and disagreement in simple formats
    • exchange opinions
    • talk about people, places, experiences, and events
    • give directions
    • engage in more complex conversations
  2. Interpretive Objectives: Understanding the target language in, e.g., 
    • social interactions that students themselves can engage in
    • more complex conversations
    • directions
    • readings on unfamiliar topics
    • simple journalistic reports and oral presentations
  3. Presentational Objectives: Using academic language in the target language, 
    • giving rehearsed oral presentations with limited reliance on notes
    • writing essays/written products with a minimum of 1 page in length
  4. Presentational Objectives: Using academic language in English to
    • report the results of interdisciplinary inquiry related to products or practices of the target culture using target language sources and websites
    • compare target culture to students' own culture orally and in writing