A. Class Attendance

Class attendance is essential. Unless you are in class to hear the spoken language in ways geared to your level of acquisition, you will not acquire the ability to understand and interact in the language. You can (and should!) memorize vocabulary, study grammar, and learn key phrases on your own, but in order to develop the skills and strategies needed to comprehend the target language you need to attend class regularly.

B. Interpersonal Component

Your instructor will require you to participate in one or more of the following to demonstrate your interpersonal growth in the target language:

  1. Speaking in the target language, face-to-face with a conversation partner
  2. Key pal program in which you exchange e-mails in the target language with a native speaker
  3. Skype program in which you talk with a native speaker over the computer
  4. Scheduled conversation with the instructor at least once during the term

C. Interpretive Component

You will be assigned a variety of required reading and listening activities. These activities will likely involve "authentic materials," that is, materials created not for classroom use but for native speakers of the target language. In addition to completing these activities, your instructor may ask you to compile them in a portfolio.

D. Presentational Component

You will be required to give at least one oral presentation during the semester on a topic of interest to you. This may be a formal presentation or a group presentation such as an infomercial or a scene from a target language soap opera. You will need to research topics, become familiar with the vocabulary you’ll need to present the topic, learn the phrases you can use to give your presentation a more academic tone, practice with a tape recorder, etc.

You will complete two compositions during the semester utilizing a "process approach." You will type a first draft (double-spaced!) of your essay and receive comments from your classmates on the content and structure of the essay. You will then revise and work on a second draft, with classmates (or your instructor) suggesting areas you may need to edit for spelling and mechanics. Then you will type a final draft to submit for a grade. Please remember to include your name, assignment number or page numbers, and the date in the upper right-hand corner of all your assignments.

E. Evaluative Component

Your instructor will periodically (every 2-3 weeks) ask you to fill in a progress card as you gain increased sophistication in your use of the target language. In addition to the progress card, your instructor may ask you to contemplate and assess your progress in a variety of ways, for example, by keeping a reflective journal, or by listening to audio or video-taped presentations you have made and commenting on your progress.

Your section will have either a midterm exam or a midterm project, and a final exam or final term paper. This varies from section to section. Your instructor will notify you in writing as to which of these your section will do.