Second Year, First Semester

Second Year, First Semester (201)

At the end of this semester students should be able to make progress in achieving the following outcomes using multiple paragraphs.

  1. Presentational Objectives: Using academic language to, e.g.,
    • write reports of increasing length and complexity, including short, interdisciplinary research projects using target language sources and websites
    • give increasingly lengthy and less-rehearsed oral presentations, of 2-3 minutes in length by the end of the third quarter
    • begin to narrate in the past
    • narrate in present and future
    • compare and contrast significant people and events in target cultures
  2. Interpretive Objectives: Understanding the target language in order to, e.g., 
    • analyze and synthesize the main ideas and supporting data in authentic written texts
    • comprehend narration in present, past, future
    • identify themes and other literary ideas in fiction, poetry, and/or nonfiction and relate themes to student experience
    • follow and summarize shifting topics in a conversation
  3. Interpersonal Objectives: Interacting with others, including, e.g., 
    • socially appropriate expression of respect, politeness, gratitude, friendliness, and distance
    • state feelings and emotions
    • identify problems or complications and propose solutions to them
    • discussion of academic and professional topics with increasing sophistication