Third Year and Beyond

Students should be able to perform all previous stage outcomes and achieve the following additional outcomes using extended multiple paragraph formats:

Third Year and Beyond (300- and 400-level courses)

  1. Presentational Objectives: Using academic language to, e.g.,
    • engage in interdisciplinary research projects and presentations on issues important to the target culture
    • narrate in the past
    • convince or persuade another to adopt a perspective or viewpoint
    • compare and contrast ideas on contemporary and historical topics
    • reflect upon service learning experiences within and outside of the campus community
  2. Interpretive Objectives: Understanding the target language in order to, e.g.,
    • comprehend narration in past
    • analyze the aesthetic qualities of works in poetry, drama, fiction, and film
    • analyze the informational content of expository and argumentative texts
  3. Interpersonal Objectives: Interacting with others, including, e.g.,
    • state and explain ideas and emotions
    • state and support opinions
    • discussion of academic, non-academic and professional topics with increasing sophistication