French Minor

Why Minor in French?

The French minor focuses on mastery of the language, understanding of French-speaking cultures, familiarization with the most important figures of French literature and culture, and critical awareness of the intellectual problems and possibilities involved in the study of other cultures. If you are majoring in another field, a minor in French offers you an opportunity to complement the knowledge gained in your principal field, while adding a cultural and linguistic dimension to your academic experience.

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Requirements for the Minor in French

  • Have already completed 24 credits of course work
  • Minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0; minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 in the major
  • 18 credits in French at the 300/400 level
  • French 301 and French 302 are required courses
  • Four additional upper-level courses are required. Additional French elective coursework may be taken for degree completion requirements according to student need or interest.

Note: To qualify for any 300 level French course, a student must complete courses through French 202, or its equivalent (e.g., pass the placement test in French).

To Declare a Minor in French

Obtain a "Declare a Minor" form from outside the Foreign Literature & Languages office, LARTS 350, or from the Registrar's Office. Fill out the form and have it signed by the Chairperson of the Foreign Literature & Languages Department.