Spanish Major

The Spanish major provides students with the opportunity to develop their language proficiency while learning about varied Hispanic cultures and civilizations. Majors in Spanish may combine studies with other fields in the humanities, social sciences or sciences such as history, art history, economics, English, anthropology, political science, education or nursing.

To declare a major in Spanish:
Students must "Declare a Major" or "Change a Major" through the Registrar's Office, the proper form must be filled out and signed by the students' major Chairperson and Advisor as well as the Chairperson of the Foreign Literature & Languages Department.

The undergraduate major in Spanish is built on interdisciplinary coursework in Spanish, Latin American, Caribbean and Latino literature and cultures while also developing students' interactional and linguistic proficiency and providing upper-level courswork in linguistics and applied linguistics. The goal of the major is thus to provide an integrated learning experience for students in which each course weaves together language and culture within specific content offerings.

Students majoring in Spanish may go on to graduate study in areas such as Spanish, Latin American, Caribbean or Latino literature; Cultural Studies; Comparative Literature, Hispanic linguistics, Applied Linguistics or International Studies. They may also take coursework in the Dept. of Teaching and Learning to prepare for positions in teaching. Please see the Dept. of Teaching and Learning website for details.

Finally, a major in Spanish complements other majors within the department as well as majors or minors in the humanities, social sciences or sciences. The major may be combined with work in a certificate program such as the upcoming certificate in Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies and many of our majors also elect to take additional languages as part of their academic experience.

The major requires 30 semester hours in 300- and 400- level courses in the major field. For information on course options offered in the department see Courses, or the online catalog. Current course offerings may be viewed by accessing COIN. To view the recommended sequencing of courses through progression of the major, view Spanish and French Majors Course Progression as well as the online catalog. To qualify for any language course at the 300 level, a student must complete courses through 202 , or their equivalent in that language (e.g. pass out of the placement test in that language). Spanish 301 and Spa 302 as well as six credits of survey or introductory literature courses are required for completion of the major. To qualify for a 400-level course, students must normally obtain the consent of the instructor teaching the course and have earned at least 12 credits in their major at UMASS-Dartmouth. Twenty-seven of these credits must be taken in courses taught in the language of the selected major. No more than six credits in directed or independent study will normally be accepted toward the major. A grade point average of 2.0 in courses in the major field must be attained for graduation.

The Department also strongly recomends that both majors and minors in Spanish consider a study abroad experience. For programs offered within our department as well as links to those at other universities, please see Study Abroad.