Enrollment and Placement

1. Students who have taken no French or Spanish in high school or at another institution of higher learning should begin with SPA 101, SPA 103, or FRN 101.

2. Students who have taken Spanish or French in high school, but not at another institution of higher learning, must take a placement exam to determine the appropriate course placement. To take the exam, stop by the department office, LARTS Room 350, between 10:00am and 2:00pm. The exam is done on a computer; it should take about fifteen minutes, and you will get your placement result as soon as you have completed the exam.

3. Heritage Spanish or French speakers (that is, students who speak Spanish, French, or Creole at home to a greater or lesser extent), students with significant Spanish or French immersion experience, and students who have taken Spanish or French courses at other institutions of higher learning must meet with a Spanish or French advisor in order to determine correct placement.