Below are some frequently asked questions about advising in the Department of Foreign Literature and Languages. Keep in mind that we may not offer advising appointments during the spring and summer half-terms, as most faculty are on leave at that time.

When do I need to see a Spanish or French major/minor/concentration advisor?

  • You are planning to study abroad or are returning from studying abroad
  • You have questions about your major, minor, or concentration requirements
  • You are preparing to graduate and need to make sure you have met all requirements
  • You need advice about which classes to take

Am I required to see a Spanish or French major/minor/concentration advisor?

All majors and minors in the Department of Foreign Literature and Languages are required to visit an advisor to discuss classes prior to registering for them during a given semester. If your advisor decides to release your hold prior to registering for courses, you are exempt from this policy. However, keep in mind that you are the person responsible for completing your graduation requirements and that it is to your advantage to meet with your advisor to facilitate this process.

Can I meet with a faculty advisor immediately?

No, for several reasons. Our advisors are all faculty members who set aside specific times each week to concentrate on advising. During these times, they need to have your file available so that they can give you the best advice for your specific situation. Therefore, we strongly encourage students to plan wisely and see an advisor early in the term to avoid last-minute emergencies.You may also visit the Academic Advising Center, located on the first floor of the Foster Administration Building, for help with academic issues not specifically related to Foreign Literature and Languages. (The Academic Advising Center relocated from the basement to the first floor of the Foster Building in the fall of 2009.)

Who is my advisor?/How do I make an appointment to see an advisor?

Your advisor can be found in your COIN account.  Please keep in mind that the earliest appointment will be 24 hours after you put in the request and some appointments may take a week to schedule. Prepare yourself prior to your meeting with your advisor, check availability of courses that interest you, download the Major Requirement Sheet and bring it with you.

Students are required to track their progress and to complete all degree requirements as described in the Catalogue.

Can I see the same Spanish/ French advisor every time?

Yes; we assign students the same advisors over the four-year sequence. However, if an advisor's time availability does not match yours you may see another advisor for help with classes. You may also request a change in advisors through the Department Chair if needed.

What should I do if I cannot keep my appointment?

Please email your advisor as soon as possible. Advisors are eager to help students, but their time is limited. When you miss an appointment, you have taken time that could have been given to another student. Please be courteous and call ahead!