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Majors / Minors in Spanish & French: General Info.

A major or minor in Spanish provides students with the opportunity to develop their language proficiency while learning about varied Hispanic cultures and civilizations. Majors and minors in Spanish are encouraged to double major in another field, such as Portuguese, history, economics, English, anthropology, political science, or nursing.

The programs of study for our majors and minors are built on interdisciplinary coursework in literature and cultures while also developing students' interactional and linguistic proficiency.  The goal of the major is thus to provide an integrated learning experience for students in which each course weaves together language and culture within specific content offerings.

We strongly recommend that majors and minors consider a study abroad experience. Please see Study Abroad for more information.

Course Progressions for Majors Spanish

Requirements for the Major in Spanish

  • 30 credits total in SPA or FLL courses at the 300/400 level
  • 27 of these credits must be in courses taught in Spanish
  • SPA 301 and 302 are required as part of the 30 credits total
  • Six credits in survey of literature are required as part of the 30 credits total


Requirements for the Minor Spanish

  • SPA 301 and SPA 302 
  • 12 additional credits in SPA courses at the 300/400 level

Course Catalog

See course schedules and requirements.

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