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Lisun Cheng

Arts and Sciences History Lisun Cheng Curriculum Vitae Image


Department of History 15 Wayne Memorial Dr.

University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth N. Dartmouth, MA 02747

(508) 999-8300 (O) (508) 997-2814 (H)

Email address: LCHENG@UMASSD.EDU Fax 508-999-8809


* Ph. D, History, Washington University, 1994

* M.A., History, Washington University, 1991

* M.A., Economics, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences 1982

Teaching and Work Experiences:

* 2005 Full Professor, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

* 2000-2005 Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth

* 1994-2000 Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts–Dartmouth

* 1994-present Associate in Research, Fairbank Center for East Asian Studies, Harvard University

* 1995-present Research Professor, Institute of Economics, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

* 1992-1994 Visiting Fellow, Harvard University

* 1993 Teaching Fellow, Harvard University

* 1989-1992 Teaching Assistant, Washington University

* 1982-1988 Research Fellow, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Academic Awards:

2003 Small Research Grant, Inner Asia Council, Association for Asian Studies

Research grant, UMD/Haeley Endowment Foundation, 2003

Asian Development Grant, Henry Luce Foudation, 2000-02

"Small Grants for Program Enhancement Committee," University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, 2001

1998 Curriculum Development Grant, The SACHEM (Southeastern Association For Cooperation in Higher Education in Massachusetts)

1996-97 Chiang Ching-kuo/ACLC Postdoctoral Fellowship in Chinese Studies

1997 New Course Development Award, by The Center for Chinese Studies of the Association for Asian Studies

1992–94 Visiting Fellow Scholarship, Harvard University

1993 Teaching Fellow Scholarship, Harvard University

1991–92 Mellon Dissertation Fellowship, Washington University

1989–91 Teaching Fellowship, Washington University

1990 Cai Wanlin fellowship, Sun Yet–sun Cultural and Education Foundation

1988-89 University Fellowship, Washington University

1988 Visiting Scholar Fellowship, Committee on Scholarly Communication with the People’s Republic of China


A Books:

General Editor: Encyclopedia of China, 4 volumes, Berkshire Publisher, forthcoming in 2007.

Banking in Modern China--Entrepreneurs, Professional Managers and the Development of Chinese Banks
, Cambridge University Press, March 2003.

Encountering Chinese Networks—Western, Japanese and Chinese Companies in China Market
, translated from English into Chinese, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, 2002.

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia, Member of the editor board for China volume, Thomson & Gale, 2003 (I was in charge of all entries about China which make up more than one volume in this six-volume encyclopedia).

Big Business in China: Sino-Foreign Rivalry in the Cigarette Industry, 1890-1930, co-translated from English into Chinese, Commercial Press, Beijing, June, 2001.

Jiuzhongguo de ziyuan weiyuanhui–––Shishi yu pingjia, (The National Resources Commission in the Republic China–––Facts and Comments), Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Publish Co., 1991, Shanghai.

Foreign Trade and Industrial Development of China, translated from English, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Publish Co., 1984.

B Papers:

"The Industrial Activities of the National Resources Commission and Their Legacies in the Communist," in American Journal of Chinese Studies, Vol. 12, April 2005.

"Ziyuan Weiyuanhui yu zhongguo jihua jingji de qiyuan" (National resources commission and the origin of China’s planned economy), in Twenty-first Century, Hong Kong, No. 4, 2004.

"Led Chinese Banking on the Path of Modernization--Professional Managers and Shanghai’s Modern Banking," in Lai Chi-kong, Sherman Cochran edit, Business Development in Shanghai: Past and Present, forthcoming.

Co-author, China’s Wartime History—Notes on International Efforts for Preservation and Access, in Modern China, No. 1, 1999.

"National Resources Commission and the Initial Recovery of Taiwan’s Industry (1945-1950)," in Li Hongshan comp., Taiwan in Historical Perspective--Taiwan Economy, Politics, Culture and Foreign Relations in the Post-war Period, Hong Kong Sciences Press, Hong Kong, 1999.

"Modern Banks and Government Debts in The Republican China," in The American Journal of Chinese Studies, Aug. 1998.

"On the Foreign Trade and Potential Productivity in South Yangtze Delta in the 1840s," Shanghai Economy, No.4, 1989.

"On the NRC–Foreign Economic and Technical Co–operation," in Quarterly Journal of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, No. 4, Shanghai, 1988.

"On NRC's Control over the Special Ores," in The Collection of International Symposium of the History of Republican China and Its Archives, Archive Press, Beijing, 1988.

"On the Enterprises Undertaken by NRC during the Anti–Japanese War," Research Materials on Modern Chinese Economic History, Shanghai, No. 5, 1986

"On the NRC's Heavy Industrial Plan prior to the Anti–Japanese War," in Study of Modern History, Beijing, No.2, 1986.

"On Mencius's thinking of Controlling country by the Policy of Benevolence," in Managerial Thinking in Ancient China, Enterprise Management Press, Beijing, 1986.

"On Sun Yat–sen's Thought for `Developing State Capital' and its Effect on Later Generations," in Quarterly Journal of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, No. 3, Shanghai, 1986.

"The Experiences of Entrepreneur in Expanding Market in Republic China," Shanghai Economics, No. 6, 1985.

"On the Economic Construction during the Anti–Japanese War," New Opinion,Shanghai, No.117, 1985.

"What are the concerns of Economics?––A Comparison of Chinese and Western Economics," co–author, Academic Quarterly of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, No.2, 1985.

"On the Movement of Promoting National Product from 1930s to 1940s," Shanghai Economics, No.10, 1984.

co-author, "On State–owned Capital in Developing Countries," co–author, in World Economy, Beijing, No.8, 1984.

C. Book Reviews & Conference Papers:

"The Making of the State Enterprise System in Modern China," in American Historical Review, Dec. 2005.

"Trust in Troubled Times—Money, banks, and state-society relations in Republican Tianjin," in American Historical Review, June 2004.

"A History of Modern Shanghai Banking-The Rise and Decline of China’s Finance Capitalism," in The China Review, Vol. 4, No. 1, 2004.

Discussant for World Forum on China Studies, sponsored by Shanghai Municiple Government, August 2004.

"Chinese entrepreneuship, professional managers, and the development of modern Chinese banks," presented at the panel, "Revisionist Perspectives on the political economy of Republican China" in The Historical Society 2004 National Conference.

Discussant for "International Order of Asia in the 1930s and 1950s," Asian Studies Conference Japan, June 2003.

"The ignored efforts-- Creating a foundation for Taiwan’s economic take-off (1945-54)," presented in The Political Economy of Republics of China. London, May 2002, School of Oriental and Africa Studies, University of London.

"Toward Internationalization--Modern Banking in Republican China," presented in The Internationalization of China, Harvard University, 2001.

"Economic Planning and the Initiation of China's Planned Economy--The National Resources Commission and its Industrial Activities (1932-1949)," presented at the symposium, The Road to Plandom: Non-Socialist and Pre-Socialist Economic Planning in Republican china and Europe, 1935-1950, The center for the Study of Cultures, The Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University, Jan., 1999.

"Modern banks and government debts in the Republican China," presented at the Chinese Business History Workshop, held by Fairbank Center for East Asian Studies of Harvard University, May, 1997.

"Led Chinese Banking on the Path of Modernization--Professional Managers and Shanghai’s Modern Banking," presented in Business Development in Shanghai: Past and Present, an international symposium held in University of Queensland, Australia, March, 1997.

"Entrepreneurship, Professional Managers and the Development of Modern Chinese Banks," presented at the Mid–west Conference for Asian Studies, Aug. 1994.

"The Ignored Efforts––Creating a foundation for Taiwan's Take–off," presented at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Mid–west Committee of Asian Studies, Sep. 1991.

"Introduction to Chinese archival resources on Chinese Business History," presented at the Annual conference of the Association for Asian Studies, 1990.

I have also published many additional short articles, biographies, and book reviews in various journals and contributed more than hundred dictionary entries to such collections as the Dictionary of Economics, Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, and Dictionary of Demography. In addition, I have translated more than a dozen of articles from both English and Japanese into Chinese.