Goals for Student Learning


  • A broad familiarity with the basic chronology and major themes of either Western Civilization or World History.
  • A deeper knowledge of aspects of the history of three major regions of the world: the United States, Europe, and either Asia, Africa or Latin America.


  • The ability to collect historical data in printed and electronic forms.
  • The Ability to use bibliographic tools and data bases.


  • The ability to identify chronological and geographical patterns, identify issues and problems in the past, formulate historical questions, interrogate historical data and sources, support interpretations with historical evidence and evaluate major debates among historians.


  • The ability to write historical arguments in essay exams and papers.
  • The ability to research and write a substantial and original long seminar paper on an historical subject.
  • The ability to present a formal presentation of an historical argument researched and organized by the student.

Language skills

  • The ability to construct coherent and persuasive arguments in written and oral forms.
  • The ability to read a foreign language at the intermediate level.