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Advising for LAR Majors

If you are an LAR major following the new curriculum, having declared your major Fall 2012 thru current, below you will find advising forms that stipulate General Education, University Studies, Degree (B.A. in College of Arts & Sciences), and Major (LAR) requirements. You can print out forms below. Read them carefully, and ask for help if anything is unclear. Although your advisor and COIN will help you, it is ultimately your responsibility to track completion of requirements.

Please seek out your LAR advisor each semester for help staying on top of required courses. You can find your advisor’s name on COIN. If you do not have an advisor, see contact Cheryl Bednarik, LAR Secretary for your assignment as an advisee.

Faculty Advisors



  • Online Faculty Advisors


LAR Major Advising Forms:

LAR Major Requirements: (2) core courses plus (2) concentrations

  • Two disciplinary concentrations required

College (C.A.S. – B.A.) Requirements (LAR Degree Requirements)

University Studies Requirements (UMD Studies Requirements) - Students entering major Fall 2012 thru current

Geneneral Education Requirements (Gen Ed Requirements) - Students entering major prior to Fall 2012

Note: Many LAR courses or electives have pre-requisites not shown on advising forms. You are responsible for identifying and fulfilling any pre-requisites before attempting to register for upper-level classes in your concentration areas.