Program overview

The Professional Science Master’s option in Medical Laboratory Science, offered through the Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology program, is open to full-time and part-time students who are planning to continue their careers in the clinical or biotechnology laboratory. As a Sloan Foundation approved Professional Science Masters™ Program, it is designed to equip mid-career professionals with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to advance in their chosen specialty.

Student in labThe curriculum for this program is three-part: 

Part 1: The integrated Biomedical Engineering/Biotechnology core in which students learn to improve their communication skills with professionals in other specialty fields such as engineers and computer programming. In addition, courses in statistics and ethics are also required to complete the required skill set.

Part 2: Courses in advanced clinical laboratory specialty areas such as biochemistry, hematology, immunology and microbiology. These courses are designed to advance the student’s understanding of current concepts of laboratory medicine and to further their application of these concepts to solve problems.

Part 3: Courses known by the Sloan Foundation as “plus” courses. These courses apply focused management and communication skills to the clinical or biotechnology laboratory setting as well as the larger healthcare related environment.