Psychology Alumna gains faculty position at Brown University

Kristina Monteiro ’10 MA ’12 earns PhD and is the Assistant Director of Assessment & Evaluation at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

Dr. Kristina Monteiro, a Psychology alumna from the Class of 2010, earned her Behavioral Science Doctor of Philosophy in Research Methods and Statistics from the University of Rhode Island (URI). She is now the Assistant Director of Assessment & Evaluation at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. She also recently gained a faculty appointment as an Assistant Professor of Medical Sciences.

“I am so happy to have found the career of my dreams right after finishing my PhD program,” Monteiro said. “There are so many students at Alpert Medical School with diverse interests that I get to learn about so many new areas, while helping them to build their research design methodology.” 

Earning her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2010 and her Master of Arts in Psychology in 2012, Monteiro found UMass Dartmouth to be an integral foundation for her career.

“I was able to work closely with faculty members as a research assistant in my undergraduate and graduate years,” Monteiro said. “And the coursework provided the necessary skills for my work in advanced statistical methods, which provided the ground work I needed to complete the research design and statistics track at URI.”

In her current position, Monteiro provides students and faculty with the tools they need to evaluate their research projects. In the short time that she’s been consulting, she’s learned that it is really valuable to have an advanced set of methodological skills in research design and statistical analysis.

“Without my core coursework at UMass Dartmouth, I would not have had the foundation to build upon these skills in my doctoral program at URI,” she said.

Originally a pre-med student, Monteiro transferred into the Psychology department, and it was the best choice she made as an undergraduate.

“The goal of college should be to provide you with the skills you need to critically evaluate information, discover your values, and to give you the tools you need to obtain a career that fits those goals,” she said. “If a liberal arts degree fits your goals and values, then go for it.” 

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