Buzzards Bay Writing Project

As a National Writing Project site, the Buzzards Bay Writing Project (BBWP) is an authorized nonprofit professional development provider that serves teachers and students from grades K-12. 

The mission of BBWP is to promote exemplary instruction in writing for every classroom and in all disciplines. In doing so, we work to support highly skilled teachers through professional development programs and graduate level courses 

What we offer

The Buzzards Bay Writing Project supports teachers and students in the English Language Arts. We offer:

What we do

We help facilitate curriculum development and instruction based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for English Language Arts and Literacy for grades Pre-K through 12th grade. We incorporate the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History, Science, and technical subjects.

  • Teach writing as self expression
  • Promote writing in content areas
  • Advance reading and writing literacy in STEM
  • Support new, innovative programs to help teachers use technology
  • Offer strategies for English Language Learners

Summer Leadership Institute 2016

The Summer Institute gives teachers a chance to explore life through the written word. And by becoming writers ourselves, we can help our students to develop a rich, writing life.

We know your summers are busy, so we use a combination of online work and evening in-person work. Participants will:

  • Write daily
  • Read and discuss literacy trends
  • Learn and share strategies for writing
  • Share personal and professional pieces in writing groups
  • Conduct research to develop writing practices relevant for the classroom
  • Plan and implement a Best Practices conference in the fall 

Professional Development

The Buzzards Bay Writing Project (BBWP) is a nonprofit K-16 professional development provider for teachers at all grade levels.

We are authorized under No Child Left Behind Funding, Title II, Part C as a provider of standards-aligned professional development for teachers and administrators.

We offer comprehensive instruction in writing and teaching writing to teachers across all disciplines for K-12 schools. Our professional development opportunities include:

  • Nonfiction Reading and Writing
  • Content Area specific
  • Using Technology as a Writing Tool
  • Writing across the Curriculum
  • Digital Writing and Storytelling
  • “So What?” Revision 
  • Writing in History 
  • Text Immersion
  • Writing Workshop
  • Teacher as Writer





Summer Writing Camps

Our Summer Writing Camps are led by a team of exemplary teachers who are committed to providing exciting, challenging and rewarding writing experiences.

Students will participate in inventive writing prompts and create exciting new pieces of writing that will build their skills and confidence.

  • E.S Brown Summer Camp is for students in grades 1-5
  • Somerset Writing Camp is for students grades 3 and up
  • The Young Writers Camp is for students entering Grades 6-12