Taskstream FAQ

+ What is Taskstream? 

Taskstream is a web-based electronic portfolio, assessment management and standards-based instruction tool. It allows students to upload assignments from courses in their program of study to showcase work and demonstrate learning achievements and competencies in content knowledge, skills, and dispositions.  It also allows faculty to evaluate students’ assignment and review of program for continuous improvement.

+ Why do I have to have a Taskstream account? 

In order to become endorsed for educator (teaching and school administrator) licensure by University of Massachusetts Dartmouth through the Massachusetts department of elementary and secondary education, you are required to create a portfolio. An electronic portfolio system makes this task much simpler. Taskstream is the system that will be used for this purpose and will allow us to provide information to our state and national accrediting bodies.

+ When and where can I purchase Taskstream? How much does it cost? 

You should purchase your Taskstream account upon your instructor’s request. Please purchase your account as early as possible to have more time to check your information in Taskstream. You can purchase Taskstream directly online at Taskstream Website. You can purchase varying lengths of Taskstream subscriptions, from one semester to six years. Click here to check the current Taskstream subscription.

+ Will my UMass Dartmouth username and password work automatically with Taskstream? 

No. Your Taskstream account is distinct and separate and is not affiliated or connected to any accounts at UMass Dartmouth. Please change your password often to ensure the safety of your account.

+ How is Taskstream different from Blackboard?

Blackboard is specifically designed to deliver and manage assignments and materials for a specific course. Taskstream is used to assist you in the collection, organization, evaluation, and dissemination of assignments that are associated with professional competencies and standards throughout your teacher education program.

+ How do I self enroll in a program in Taskstream?

The steps of how to self enroll in a program are listed as below: 

1. Log into your Taskstream account;

2. From the home page or the “My Programs” page, click the Self-Enroll button;

3. Enter the program code. (Please contact your program coordinator for your specific program code). After you type in your code in the box provided, click “Enroll” to complete the enrollment process.

+ If I have transferred from another University that uses Taskstream, can I use that account? 

Yes. You can transfer between organizations within Taskstream by talking to a Taskstream representative at 1-800-311-5656. Once you have been transferred to the UMass Dartmouth “group,” please send email to Traci Almeida at  talmeida@umassd.edu  or Dr. Sheila Macrine at smacrine@umassd.edu so we may verify that you are enrolled in the proper programs inside the syste

+ How can I upload my assignment? What can I upload to my Taskstream account?

Generally, you are able to upload word document files, image files, audio files, video files, and Web page files that are associated with your UMass Dartmouth Teaching and Learning program. Remember that basic subscriptions come with 500 MB of storage so use this space judiciously.  You may also use the folio and web page link to create a separate storage space. Please contact Traci Almeida at  talmeida@umassd.edu  or Dr. Sheila Macrine at smacrine@umassd.edu.

+ How do I know how much space I have left in my Taskstream account? 

In order to find how much storage space you have remaining in your Taskstream account, you use your “Resource Manager.” Click on the link titled “Resource Manager” on the left side of the screen. Once inside, click on the tab labeled “Manage Online Storage.” On that screen it will tell you exactly how much space you are using and how. It will also give you the opportunity to purchase additional storage space should the need arise.

+ Can I access my Taskstream files once I leave UMass Dartmouth? 

Yes. You can continue to purchase or renew your Taskstream subscription. As long as you continue to renew your account, it is completely yours with full access to all of the features and tools. Your other option is to use the “Pack It Up” feature within Taskstream. This tool is inside the “Resource Manager” section of Taskstream. Should you need to access to your documents in the future continue to renew your account, or use the “pack it up” feature. Otherwise, you will not get your documents once your account has been expired.

+ How do I publish my portfolio to the web? 

You will need to create a portfolio before you can publish your web page. Go here to learn how to create a portfolio. After creating your portfolio, you will be able to publish your portfolio to the web and have the ability to share it with prospective employers. Information on how to create the web link is located here.