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The Compact has 6 High Leverage Initiatives

Parents Actively Involved in Education

Compact members use the collective influence of Superintendents and CEOs on parents throughout the region to increase both the quantity and quality of parental involvement in the education of children. This initiative has the potential to capitalize in innovative ways on the influence that both schools and the workplace have on parents while focusing on supporting learning outcomes for all students.

Public Relations Strategy and Program(s) to Advance the Importance of Education in the SouthCoast Communities

The Compact will work with area media outlets, i.e. newspapers, local cable, and talk radio, to promote educational attainment in the region. The focus is to get the message out that education makes a difference in personal, professional and the quality of life in the region. The strategy encompasses three target areas that require different approaches and messages. Target areas include media related activities/messages, workplace activities/messages, and community based activities/messages.

Information Technology Competency

A planning group has been developed to explore the possibility of implementing a technology competency for SouthCoast school districts. Compact members will come together to research and gather information on similar efforts, assist in coordinating and planning regarding courses, pilot programs and grant funding.

Business/Education Leadership Forum

The Forum's purpose will be to improve performance and accountability of our educational system by involving educators, business and community leaders in adapting best practices for implementation. The Forum will research, identify and share the best practices from within and without the region to enable the Compact to grow and sustain its initiatives.

Urgently Move to Longer Term/Consistent Funding Models and Stream(s) of Funding to Enable Longer Term Planning

Budget cuts to educational programs are jeopardizing the gains that have been made in the classroom through past infusion of state funds earmarked for educational reform. Compact members collectively advocate for consistent funding models and funding streams to allow for continuation of regional educational gains. The Compact sponsors annual legislative events to address these concerns and actively seeks other forums to voice support for public education and educational reform.

The SouthCoast Mathematics Partnership

We hope to build a highly visible regional infrastructure to support generative and self-sustaining school-based learning communities of teachers and administrators equipped for continuing innovation in mathematics. Through collaboration, Compact partners will create long-term regional educational improvement capacity that centers on innovation in longitudinal approaches to building algebraic reasoning. Improved capacity will be integrated with new approaches to school leadership and technology infusion at the upper grade levels.