Faculty & Staff

Department Chair

Lisa Maya Knauer
Phone: 508.999.8405
Office: Liberal Arts, Room 392G
Email: lknauer@umassd.edu
Interests: Racial, economic, and cultural dynamics; immigration and diaspora; ethnography

Department Secretary

Jean Salgado
Phone: 508.999.8401
Fax: 508.999.8808
Office: Liberal Arts, Room 392I
Email: jsalgado@umassd.edu 


Margarita Huayhua
Phone: 508.999.8400
Office: Liberal Arts. Room 392F
Interests: Sociocultural anthropology, language, gender, race and racialization, ethnicity, conversation analysis, oral history, ethnography, indigenous movements, indigeneity, development discourse, visual anthropology; Latin America, the Andes

Andrea C. Klimt
Phone: 508.999.8831
Office: Liberal Arts, Room 393B
Email: aklimt@umassd.edu
Interests: Socio-cultural anthropology; ethnicity and nationalism; Europe, contemporary US, & Portuguese diaspora; medical anthropology; transnational migration; history and memory

Rachel Kulick
Phone: 508.999.8138
Office:  Liberal Arts, Room 399B
Email: rkulick@umassd.edu
Interests: Visual culture; media democracy; social movements; gender and race, participatory action research methods

Yale R. Magrass
Phone: 508.999.8402
Office: Liberal Arts, Room 392A
Email: ymagrass@umassd.edu
Interests: Social theory, historical and political sociology, methodology, social impact of science and technology

Larry M. Miller
Phone: 508.999.8404
Office: Liberal Arts, Room 392E
Email: lmiller@umassd.edu
Interests: Historical sociology, Meso-America, social theory, sociology of art and literature

Robin A. Robinson
Phone: 508.999.8788
Office: Liberal Arts, Room 393A
Email: rrobinson@umassd.edu
Interests: Psychoanalytic/psychodynamic theory; women, girls, and social control; psychosocial, feminist and critical criminologies; psychosocial analyses of literature and visual arts; social histories of women and crime; social policy and community engagement; teaching sensitive topics

Isabel Fêo Rodrigues
Phone: 508.999.8408
Office: Liberal Arts, Room 396J
Email: irodrigues@umassd.edu
Interests: Cultural anthropology, ethnicity, race, gender, creolization, nationalism, colonialism; SubSaharan Africa, Afro-Atlantic, Luso-African Atlantic, and Brazil

Maria da Glória de Sá
Phone: 508.910.6888
Office: Library, Room M09
Email: mdesa@umassd.edu
Interests: Portuguese-speaking diaspora in the U.S., immigration and ethnicity, ethnic and race relations, the family and stratification

Jack Stauder
Phone: 508.999.8400
Office: Liberal Arts, Room 392F
Email: jstauder@umassd.edu
Interests: Anthropology, marriage and family, social change, morality and human nature, environmental issues, ranching and the American West

Full-time Lecturers

Andrianna M. Foiles Sifuentes


Professor Emeritus

Roberta H. Aaronson

John E. Bush

Geraldine Gamburd 

Janet Hilowitz

Donna L. Huse

Thomas K. Ranuga

R. Penn Reeve

Part-time Lecturers

Kathryn Caldera
Phone: 508.999.8400
Office: Liberal Arts, Room 392F

Jean Robertson
Office: Liberal Arts, Room 399G

Corinn Williams

Jacob Oni

For office locations of part-time faculty, contact the department secretary, Jean Salgado at 508.999.8401 or jsalgado@umassd.edu