Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Crime & Justice Studies 


Jack Stauder

Ph.D. Cambridge University

Phone: 508-999-8400
Office: Liberal Arts, Room 392F




Dr. Stauder grew up in Colorado and New Mexico.  As an undergraduate at Harvard College he earned a B.A., and became interested in Cultural Anthropology.  Subsequently he studied at Cambridge University in England, and trained as an anthropologist.  He did two years of fieldwork in Ethiopia, and wrote his Ph.D. thesis and then a book on the Majangir of southwest Ethiopia.  He returned to the U.S. to teach first at Harvard University, then Northeastern, and for many years at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Dr. Stauder has done research in many areas in addition to Ethiopia: among the Zinacanteco Indians of Chiapas, Mexico; in Lebanon and the Middle East; in the Amazon region of Brazil; and in Nicaragua.  Most recently he has been studying ranchers and environmental issues in Arizona.  He has traveled to more than 100 countries.  In addition to his book on the Majangir, he has written numerous articles on various subjects.  Recently he finished a book-length manuscript on ranching in Arizona that awaits publication.  

His teaching interests include sex, family and marriage; American society and culture; moral issues; religion, and especially Christianity; and environmental issues.