Maria da Glória de Sá

Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Crime & Justice Studies

M. Gloria de Sá

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Ph.D. Brown University





Professor Gloria de Sá’s research and teaching interests intersect with the fields of immigration, ethnicity, self-employment and the family, particularly as they relate to Portuguese-speaking groups in the U.S. Her area of expertise is the integration of Portuguese-Americans into American society. She is the Faculty Director of the University’s Ferreira-Mendes Portuguese American Archives, an Executive Board Member of the Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture, and an affiliate of the Women's and Gender Studies Program.

Professor de Sá is the author of A Posição Socioeconómica dos Imigrantes Portugueses e seus Descendentes nos Estados de Massachusetts e Rhode Island (EUA), a book dealing with the socioeconomic adjustment of the Portuguese in the U.S. She has also published several book chapters on similar topics, including: "The Portuguese of the U.S. and Self-Employment: Ethnic and Class Resources or Opportunity Structure?;" "Portuguese Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs in New Bedford, Massachusetts" (with Jennifer Sequeira, and Sylva Caracatsanis); "Brazilian Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Massachusetts and California" (with Viviane Gontijo, Joanne Anast and Lara Mourad); “Context or Culture: Portuguese-Americans and Social Mobility” (with David Borges); and “Preserving Portuguese Ethnic Heritage in the U.S.: The Role of the Ferreira-Mendes Portuguese-American Archives.”