Department of  Sociology & Anthropology

Yale Magrass

Chancellor Professor

Phone: 508-999-8402
Office: Liberal Arts, Room 392A 


My teaching and scholarship revolves around this question: How to empower the 99% in a society, an economy, a cultural, an educational system and a way of thinking, perceiving, designed and orchestrated by the 1% at the expense of everyone else. Far too many of students are products of a school system which equates education with passive acceptance of authority, where ideas in service of the 1% are presented as “facts” beyond challenge, whose meaning is seldom reflected upon. In my teaching, I try to bring students to take charge of their own education in order to feel empowered to create the type of society where they would like to live. Accordingly, I avoid having a rigid structured syllabus and emphasizing grades.

These concerns also underlie my scholarship. My recent book, Capitalism: Should You Buy It? An Invitation to Political Economy, looks at how politics, economics and sociology are interconnected and how they can either serve the 1% or the 99%. My other recent book, The Surplus American, addresses how the 1% is striving to amass even greater power and how the 99%, including students, are reacting. My vitae lists my other publications. I am attaching other short papers to my departmental website which reflect my worldview and my philosophy of education and scholarship.


SOC 200 Introduction to Social Thought
SOC 305 Political Sociology
SOC 310 Social Movements
SOC 381 Social Impact of Science & Technology
SOC 420 Senior Seminar - Baby Boomers vs. Millennials 


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