College of Arts and Sciences Distribution Requirements

Courses from the major or the same department as the major cannot be used to fulfill distribution requirements. Courses can be used to satisfy both Distribution and General Education requirements. Minors majoring in other Schools do NOT have to meet A&S Distribution requirements.

See the university course catalog for information on courses in other departments.

Freshman English 6 Credits

  • ENL 101 & ENL 102

Literature 6 Credits

Any 200-level English course with a course number between 200-255 will fulfill this requirement. Certain designated 300-level ENL courses as well as literature courses in foreign languages (can be in English translation or foreign language) will satisfy this requirement as well.

Natural Science 9 Credits

Courses with the following prefix will satisfy this requirement: BIO (Biology), CHM (Chemistry), MLS (Medical Laboratory Science), PHY (Physics), and TES (Textile Science) as well as some courses in other departments. Courses typically taken include:

  • BIO 101 General Biology
  • BIO 103 Topics in Biology
  • BIO 112 The Ocean Environment
  • CHM 130 Chemistry in the Environment
  • CHM 132 Chemistry in Nutrition and Health
  • MLS 105 Contemporary Topics in Human Ecology I
  • MLS 106 Contemporary Topics in Human Ecology I
  • NUR 105 Human Nutrition
  • EGR 101 The Technical Nature of the Human Environment
  • EGR 203 Environmental Geology
  • PHY 151 Introductory Astronomy
  • PHY 161 Science, Technology, and Environment I
  • PHY 162 Science, Technology, and Environment II
  • PHY 171 Planet Earth and its Resources
  • PHY 182 Introduction to the Weather

Humanities 9 Credits

Courses with the prefixes HST (History), PHL (Philosophy), and ARH (Art History) fulfill this requirement. Non-applied MUS (Music) and Fine Arts courses (e.g. MUS 101, MUS 106) and Foreign Language courses at the 300-level (SPA, FRN, POR, etc.) will fulfill this requirement as well. No more than 6 credits can be from the same department.

Social Science 12 Credits

Courses with prefixes ECO (Economics), PSC (Political Science), AAS (African African-American Studies), PSY (Psychology), LST (Labor Studies) and some WMS (Women’s Studies - 101, 201, 302, 305, 306, 307, 312, 333) will fulfill this requirement. Courses from the major – Sociology, Anthropology, or Crime & Justice Studies – do not satisfy this requirement.

No more than 6 credits can be from the same department.

Foreign Language Requirement

Students must complete a 202 language course OR pass a proficiency tests OR have satisfactory score on advanced placement test. Consult the Foreign Literature and Languages Department regarding the proficiency test and advanced placement certification.