CAS 101 - Student Perspective

Leah DoutyMy name is Leah Douty, class of 2018, and I'm from Framingham, MA. As a freshman, I enrolled as a Liberal Arts major—a choice many students make when they're interested in exploring many different subjects. ‌I also play guard for the Corsairs women's basketball team.

CAS 101 helped me make the transition to college, learn about campus services, and explore more majors.

The CAS 101 advantage

It's an advantage to take CAS 101. It's the perfect way to become familiar with campus. You'll get advice about how to be successful with your transition from high school to college. And you'll learn more about your major or get help choosing one.

It was nice not to feel overwhelmed and confused as an incoming student.

Taking responsibility for your education

College is a true test of your ability to handle complete independence. Many college students arrive unaware that they must take responsibility for their own education. No one is going to hold your hand along the way, but there are many people on campus who want to help you figure this out, starting with your professor in CAS 101.

UMass Dartmouth has plenty of resources that can assist you in becoming a successful student. CAS 101 does a great job of making students aware of all the services available to them, such as the Career Development Center and the Advising, Support & Planning Office.

From high school to university

There's a huge difference between high school and college. A lot of freshmen struggle with the transition between the two. CAS 101 has helpful videos about student skills like note-taking, test-taking, college reading, and handling your finances.

Choosing your major

Picking a major is a big deal, because it's connected to your long-term career goals—so don’t take it lightly. CAS 101 helps students who aren't sure of the path they want to pursue, as well as students who've already made up their minds.

If you're unsure, CAS 101 gives you resources to research majors and careers you might be interested in and what kind of jobs you might find. You can take a survey to see what careers match your personality.

If you already know what you want to do, CAS 101 provides information about the classes to take to achieve your goals. 

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