WGS Minor

Why Should I Pursue a Women's and Gender Studies Minor?

Women's and Gender Studies courses offer a valuable component to any disciplinary major. Students develop self-confidence, critical thought processes, and communication skills that contribute to academic achievement and successful post-university careers. Women's and Gender Studies students have pursued careers in law, human services, business, the health sciences, visual arts, publishing, and education. With its emphasis on critical thinking and communication, the Women's and Gender Studies minor is a valuable asset for any college graduate.

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth offers a minor in Women's and Gender Studies through a flexible interdisciplinary program of courses. Many classes are organized in seminar style to allow the fullest possible participation of all students. Minors work closely with a faculty advisor to explore course options and earn academic credits through independent study and field work opportunities.

The Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

The minor consists of 6 classes (18 credits) as follows:

Four (4) core courses for 12 credits

  • WGS 101, Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
  • WGS 201, Introduction to Feminist Theory
  • WGS 312, Feminist Research Methods
  • one (1) upper-level femnist theory course (WGS 302, 305, 306, or 307)

WGS 101 is offered every semester. WGS 201 and 312 run in the fall, and the upper-level feminist theory course runs in the spring.

Two (2) electives, for 6 credits. One of the electives is to be from the list of Approved Non-Western/Comparative Cultures Courses.

Three (3) classes, that is, 9 credits, must be at the 300/400 level. WGS 312 and the upper-level theory course will count for two of the three classes at the 300/400 level.

Interested in the minor in Women's and Gender Studies? If so, please contact Prof. Heidi Berggren, Chair of Women's and Gender Studies, ext. 8272, LArts 328.

WGS Minor Tracking Sheet for those declaring the minor in Fall 2018 and after

WGS Minor Tracking Sheet for those who declared the minor prior to Fall 2018

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