W. Joseph Chang, Ph.D.-Marketing (Manchester Business School)

Dr. Chang is an assistant professor of marketing at the Charlton College of Business, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He had taught internationally across continents, including the immediate past decade in Canada, on both undergraduate and graduate levels. He also had several years of industry experience with multinational companies during his earlier career. His research specializes in consumer behavior about branding, consisting of one major and two supporting research streams. The first and major stream examines factors moderating the feedback effect of brand extensions on entitative brands. The second and third streams explore advertising message effectiveness and compare cross-cultural differences in perception, respectively. He received his MBA-Marketing from the University of Missouri and Ph.D. in Marketing from UMIST (presently the University of Manchester).


E-mail: joseph.chang@umassd.edu  
Phone: 508.999.8745
Office: CCB 329