Learn more about Charlton internships

Internship goals

An internship is a professional learning experience that allows you to:

  • Apply classroom theory to actual working situations
  • Gain knowledge by performing tasks, working on projects, and completing on-the-job experiences related to a business discipline
  • Develop a greater degree of self-direction in the learning process
  • Explore a tentative career choice

Internships defined

Internships may be paid or unpaid. You can complete an internship with or without enrolling in a credit-bearing internship course, depending on the employer's requirements. Not all work experiences are internships.

An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates classroom knowledge and theory with practical applications and skills development in a professional setting. It offers the opportunity to gain valuable experience and make professional connections in the field you're considering as a career path.

An internship must satisfy these criteria:

  • An extension of the classroom: a learning experience that lets you apply knowledge and theory
  • Skills and knowledge that are transferable to other employment settings
  • Clearly defined beginning and end dates
  • Job description with desired qualifications
  • Learning objectives related to the professional goals of the student’s academic coursework
  • Supervision by a professional with expertise in the field
  • Routine feedback by the supervisor
  • Employer resources, equipment, and facilities that support learning objectives

Internship for credit

As a Charlton student, you can earn 3 credits by participating in an approved internship. Charlton College of Business uses the above criteria to approve an internship for course credit. Eligibility criteria for internship credits:

  • Be a Charlton student
  • Have at least junior standing (60 credits)
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Be hired by an approved internship employer
  • Enroll in the internship course
  • Complete all paperwork by the end of the Add/Drop period

Steps to earning internship credits

1. Have your internship approved by Prof. Michael Griffin. Complete the Internship Approval Form. Prof. Griffin will then contact you via email.

2. Register for Charlton's online (myCourses) internship course. All students must receive approval from the internship director prior to enrollment in the course.

3. Complete the internship course requirements (discussions, journals, paper, etc.), submit a letter confirming the hours you worked (at least 135 hours), and submit an internship performance evaluation completed by your internship supervisor.

Find your internship

  • Begin with your Charlton department coordinator, academic advisor, and professors for suggestions
  • Network your connections
  • Explore CareerLink for online postings

CareerLink, the Career Development Center's online service, includes internship postings from employers. You can also use CareerLink for job searches and to build and post your resume.


Internship resources

We encourage all Charlton students to:

Indeed.com - A leading job search site that can extract internship listings from a variety of web sources. You can perform key word searches (such as Accounting Internships Boston, Massachusetts) and receive email alerts for internships that meet your search criteria. Many Charlton students have found great internships using Indeed.com's alert feature.

Vault.com - Fortune magazine has called Vault "the best place on the web to prepare for a job search." The site includes videos of top-rated internships.