MBA foundation

Students must demonstrate that they possess competency in the areas of knowledge upon which advanced study is based. They demonstrate this by satisfactory completion—or waiver—of the MBA Foundation courses. They then become students in the degree program, taking core and elective courses.

The following foundation courses are generally offered in business undergraduate programs in two semesters. However, Charlton offers the following special one-semester courses for the MBA applicant who is deficient or feels a review might be in order before beginning the core MBA program:

  • ACT 500: Financial Accounting
  • FIN 500: Economic Concepts for Managers
  • POM 500: Statistical Analysis

Foundation courses may be waived upon:

  • Completion, with at least a grade of "B" or the equivalent, of the corresponding upper-division undergraduate or graduate business course taken as part of an undergraduate baccalaureate degree program.